You can choose any of the new tanks listed below and add them to any of the trucks in our truck inventory, the truck shown is a 1996 Peterbilt model 377 with a model 8670 2 compartment tank that was built with full rear fenders, 4″ male pipe outlets for plumbing, stainless steel mounting lugs with spring loaded fronts, 2×4 plastic sill boards.

Tank Truck

This truck was built specifically for a company with their color combination added to the truck.

We can do the plumbing and pump system also if needed.

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Any of these tanks or dry tender boxes can be installed on any of our truck inventory.

Midstates 8775 - Item #9992

Midstates - 8775

8775 Elliptical double conical stainless steel tank, 3250 gallon, 2 compartments (1670-1580).

Mid States 8670 - Item #9994

Mid States 8670

8670 Round Double Conical stainless steel tank, 3300 gallon, 2 compartments (1600-1600.

Mid States 8660 - Item #9997

Mid States 8660

8660 Round stainless steel tank 3300 gallon.

Doyle Manufacturing Dry Fertilizer Tender Boxes


Based on truck frame height of 38 inches

Hopper Capacity (water level)-516 Cubic Ft.

Standard Features

  • Stainless gate slides
  • Stainless gate sleeves
  • Stainless gate fasteners
  • Stainless transition box
  • Stainless hopper boot
  • Stainless steel auger tube with stainless steel flighted auger
  • Front & Rear mounted ladder
  • Auger cleanout door
  • Four compartments
  • Roll tarp

Hopper Dimensions

Hopper length-16 Ft.

Hopper Width-8 Ft.

Hopper height above truck frame-7 Ft.

Auger Specs

Tube size-10 in.

Discharge capacity-3500 LBS./ Minute

Discharge Height (maximum)-16′6

Discharge height (minimum)-10′7

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Equipment Cost: